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05/02/19 09:58 AM #100    

Ronald Fitzpatrick

Bill I don't think you can say Kootch"s charachter is beyond repoach.  He got an "F" in History from "Mouse" when he did a paper on the 12 vestel virgins. The Perv. Then he was booted off the baseball team for smoking. Finally Coach English gave Dr. Joe and me specific instructions not to hang out with that troubled child.  He was busted for underage drinking at his Uncle Myron's place,along with Dewey, Tros, Jerry, I beieve Dr. Joe and Lars were there. Fitz.

05/02/19 10:43 AM #101    

John Petruccelli

Hey Bill, I thought you too were a member of the gang known as the "Family".  I think that your alibi for Kootch wouldn't hold up in court, especially after the list of activities that Fitz mentioned. I think a jury might find against Kootch based on all this.

05/07/19 01:43 PM #102    

Richard Gagermeier

There has been some talk about Mr Kootch pulling my name.This was something totally upon the shoulders of Mr. Kootch, The Mr. is part of what I would call friendly Blackmail. He was nice enough to sent a payment plan, amount is not to be declared, hopefully I'll have him paid off by the class reunion if I can handle to make double paymen ts.Anyhow I hope clears some of the questions about me winning the  20.00 after I figure what my total cost of payments to Mr. Kootch I will Get back to you, rather busy moving out of the house Mr. Kootch somehow got a Qiuck Claim deed. Will let you all know which park we be staying in. In the mean time becareful what you agree to to Mr. Kootch.  Hope this brings you a chuckle. Dick


05/08/19 09:44 AM #103    

Michael Desmond

The “FAMILY”......Dave Bruha informed me that I was NOT to associate with the Family. That all ended down at Riverside Park senior year when I had to take Kootch down. From there it was Dewey’s cottage and the rest is history...corrupted to the core!

05/09/19 09:46 AM #104    

Susie Pearse (Keller)

OMG - keep these coming. Best way to start my day and each one gets funnier than the last. Kootch, you ROCK!! still after all these years. Seems like weeks in reality. Hope to make it to the big celebration. Would love to see everyone. Thanks to everyone for all their efforts of getting this event off the ground. 

Susie Pearse Keller

05/09/19 09:54 AM #105    

John Petruccelli

And to think this is all about a $20 bill.

05/09/19 10:00 AM #106    

Nancy Mansheim (Formella)

The FAMILY?  You are all talking about some aspect of our high school culture that I didn't even know existed!  I was likely too busy with my assigned duties in the Library Club with our friend, Sister Lucille.  I think Gagermeier said it best..."all this dialogue about twenty bucks?" I say "good for you and go with God." (But the whole thing is rather fishy, if you ask me!)

How can we be so old that we are planning a 50th H.S. reunion??

Steve Gantert...WOW.  What a story.  So happy that things are moving along in a positive direction. You inspire us!

Hope everyone is having a nice spring!

Take care,


05/10/19 08:22 AM #107    

John Reed

I'm saddened by this response, Nancy. You see, the Family was all inclusive and the entire class was obviously a charter member. We apparently had branding problems, however. This was not a secret, subversive group by any means. I always thought it represented all that was good in our class and frankly, in our lives at the time. There were some misguided souls, per Mick Desmond's claim, that felt differently. Perhaps fake news could trace its roots back further than most would think. If anything I'd say without crippling fear of contradiction that we were victims of a colossal misunderstanding and for that I'm sure the entire Family feels remiss in not properly conveying the true nature of this hallowed group. 

But seriously, it's really great to hear from you all. Steve looks great and Dick can now certainly afford the first round at the reunion with '70s prices in place. I am sorry to hear of so many of you now on fixed incomes. Luckily, I am still sowing and reaping for awhile longer. Shed no tears, please? I managed to flip the scrip and retired on the front end so I must continue to pay my workaday dues.  

Hidey didey to you all and until we meet again,

John Reed of the Minneapolis John Reeds 

05/10/19 03:44 PM #108    


Paul Pierce

Several committee meetings ago, we discussed ways for getting classmates interested and creating dialogue. The survey needed to be done and the $20 door prize idea was born. People responded to the survey. Some who had not participated in anything remotely connected to our reunions. Was it the $20 tease? I think not. I think it's the need to reconnect. We all have memories. As we age, we remember and reflect. Somehow,the survey triggered interest and action. I enjoy all the stories shared here, from smoking in the bathrooms to the alleged "rigged" survey drawing. We have another meeting next week. It seems every meeting has at least one story from our school days which someone had not heard before. It's a mini reunion. Keep the dialogue going.

05/10/19 04:01 PM #109    

Ronald Fitzpatrick

Oh this scandal is not over. While I will admit I was legal counsel for The Family that does not allow us to wash over the antics of Kootch Carroll. He was a groomsman in my wedding. I was a groomsman in his wedding. I played ball with(softball and basketball ) with him for 30 years after High School. I know how sneaky he can be. I will not rest until I have Kootch and Dick on the witness stand under oath subject to my professional cross examination. Unless I retire before the reunion or offered a little something for the effort. Fitz

05/10/19 10:20 PM #110    

William Bettis

.Where is Kootch in all this? Does he own a tablet, a computer, or even a e mail address. I heard he was going to plead the fifth. 





05/11/19 08:37 AM #111    

Mary Ann Sauer (Paul)

Now now children, haven't we been taught that we MUST all get along?

I think if more of you would have showed up for the "drawing" there wouldn't be this much controversy. See you on May 22nd at Fayze's-5:30!!!

Mother Mary.

05/11/19 09:56 AM #112    

Nancy Mansheim (Formella)







When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to us! Thanks, Mary! And give that wonderful mom of yours a big hug from Dorothy (little sister) and me tomorrow!!


For those of you who still have your mom on earth, be sure you honor her tomorrow! A brief phone call so she can hear your sweet vice is indeed, honoring her. To all the moms out there, Happy Mothers' Day! Enjoy!


Since I am clueless about "the family" was there a mother figure? Sorry to be so out of it, John Reed, but I suppose you just passed up the opportunity in HS to enlighten me. No worries- it all sounds terrifying. 

Happy weekend to everyone! Dick...spend that big $20 wisely! :)



05/12/19 09:14 AM #113    

Paul Zoellner

Hey Ron,  be careful in going after Dick, don’t forget he has owned a Judge or two.



05/12/19 11:12 AM #114    

John Petruccelli

I don't think that Dick could own a Judge or two based on him having to get on a payment plan with Kootch.  Unless you might be talking about Pontiac's, in which case he would have to be getting them out of the junk yard to be "owning a Judge or two".

Happy Mother's Day to ALL our mother classmates.

Hope to be seeing everyone at the 50th!

05/13/19 12:49 PM #115    

Richard Gagermeier

OK  to get the GTO question Back in the a 1967, 2-69 matching convertibles, 1970 gto conv. and a 1970 GTO JUDGE  white/ blue. Gee if a guy had those now. Oh and 1 retired Judge for my defense should we end up in court or the neighborhood drinking establishment, my preference would be the later..


05/13/19 01:47 PM #116    

Rose Servais (Tydrich)

Hi Dick, Inorder to pick up your winnings you need to show up at the next reunion meeting.  Also if any other parties that have been responding to the authenticity of Kootch's drawing,  you are welcome to attend at "Fayze's on May 22nd at 5:30pm". I believe I may need wistness to confirm that I delivered the infamous $20.  See you all soon!

05/13/19 02:40 PM #117    

Ronald Fitzpatrick

To Paul, Dick and John if you guys are referring to the make and model of cars I plead total ignorance. The only car I could identify is my brother, Kennys, Pink Rambler. I will do my best to attend May 22 meeting, Rose.

05/13/19 04:57 PM #118    


Paul Pierce

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

05/14/19 09:04 AM #119    

Susie Pearse (Keller)

Paul, Now this is one awesome car. One of my friends showed up at my office yesterday with his 1974 Corvette. Our running joke is if he dies and still has the car he told his brother to give the car to me. Absolute mint. He bought it new. Should have snapped a picture & if he comes back today I will get a picture. Beautiful machine. Told my husband his 1986 Toyota truck will have to go because the 3rd car garage is just waiting for such a lovely piece of metal!! LOL.


05/14/19 03:13 PM #120    

Ronald Fitzpatrick

I'm going to shift the topic. Greg Pederson is an Engineer, although I think he's retired. I'd like him to explain what in the hell the design engineers who created the New Cass street fiasco were thinking when they extended the sidewalks halfway into the street. Knowing how astute Greg is I'm sure he had nothing to do with it. But he might know what those people were smoking when they came up with this new design. Maybe we can get some of that stuff for the Reunion.

05/14/19 07:31 PM #121    

John Petruccelli

Fitz, you shouild know that when it comes to spending our tax dollars the government depatrments have to spend ALL their $$$ so they don't get shorted in next year's budget.  SOOOO, "let's see how we can do that" and common sense be damned. 

When it comes to the hwy dept's down here we scratch our heads trying to figure out why they start a project that's going to be inadequate when it's done OR have the same company start working on several new projects when they can't finish the current project on time.

I love our country but I fear our governement.  Politcians have a special place in hell as far as I'm concerned.  But I drift from your last question to Greg.....

05/15/19 10:39 AM #122    

Susie Pearse (Keller)

We were in La Crosse a few weeks ago. Kenny and I laughed as we headed down Cass St. to La Chateau. Missed the old Cy's Bakery for sure although it has probably been gone for years. Madison is toally into "round-abouts". Kenny lived in the Netherlands for several years & they too were totally into them. It has now taken Madison almost 10 years to get the hang of building them correctly & drivers are still learning the fine technique of entering and existing them. The amount of accidents is beyond funny (except for the insurance companies) and watching pedestrians trying cross is certainly a miricle at best. So, then our Village Idiots - I mean the Village Board decided to add "3" of them all looped together entering the village off Hwy 14 and on the other side of the village there are 2 of them back to back again off Hwy 14. Brilliant!! Even more fun is watching all the people on bikes trying to access these obstacles. And they call themselves engineers. Seriously. Madison's biggest issue is the design makes plowing a disaster and garbage trucks have to stop and back up on a few of them to make the circle - now that's what I call living!! Just like people who design hospitals never worked in one or they would know storage for patients supplies works far better when located in a central location and not at the far end of a hallway a 1/2 block down the corridor. And I truly thought our generation would move things into a better world. Need to sit down with a cold one & ponder what we could have done. Was it the weed of the 1970's that did this to the thought process of some of these very smart, educated people?? Thankful it isn't everyone from the 1950's!

05/17/19 10:25 AM #123    

Gregory Pederson

You are correct Fitz, I am/was a civil engineer. I’ve been retired for several years. Please forgive the lack of timeliness in response, it took me a couple days to finish a “Sudoku “. I do not know who the players were on the Cass Street fiasco. I do know that the City is committed to following a “complete streets” policy when roadways are upgraded. This policy attempts to look at traffic, pedestrian, bicycle and safety needs for each project under consideration. Additionally, street maintenance (snow plowing, etc.), municipal transit, and emergency response considerations (Fire,EMT, Police, etc.) should be factored into the decision making. The sidewalk bump out at corners is a pedestrian crossing safety consideration. However, there appears to have been a collective “oops “ regarding bicycles lanes, snow plowing and large vehicles turning movements at the corners. I am happy to say that I had NO involvement in this project!

05/18/19 10:30 AM #124    

John Petruccelli

Hey Greg, we all know that if you had been involved in this project the "Oops" factor wouldn't have come in to play and that's because you are from the "common sense" generation.  Also, because you graduated from Aquinas High School in La Crosse, WI. not the one in Miami, FL. area.  Remember, there is no "a Florida man" scenerio involved there.

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