In Memory

Kathleen Brindley

Kathy passed away on July 15, 1994.

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Nancy Weigel (Engebretson)


Kathy M. Brindley died at 41, Friday July 15, 1994.  KaKa (I never called her that), I miss you and think of you often.  I remember going out to her grave with Hass, Kathy Smith and Ingrid.  We stood there over her grave, right next to Kate's, eating red licorice and drinking beers.  When I came to La Crosse in August of that year, some gals and I went to Ski's on that busy street that goes downtown, just was not the same.  We then went to the hospital that held a memorial every month for those who had gone to where ever we go when we die.  I had never been so sad.  A very funny memory of Brindley's humor was when she called me knowing I was about to have a baby.  When I told her I named him Erik, she yelled quite loudly to the others in the bar that I had named my first born Erik Kathleen.  Hand of God.

Julie T. Pinscak died at 38, Saturday May 18, 1991.  I so remember going to our 20th reunion when we joined together with Central, the non-Catholic school.  Oh, a friend, what was her name, came up to me and Brindley and asked where Julie was.  What a moment for us all as she(?) had not realized that Julie had passed away recently. That as the reunion when I asked for the St. Thomas Moore classmates to gather and we took a photo, I have that photo and it is a doozy.

What do you remember?



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